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Lincoln Memorial

Management Services

With a comprehensive functional capability in the area of facilities management, A2 Services performs the following services:

Building Commissioning

A2 Services performs various types of building commissioning services. These efforts are done in conjunction with LEED and GBI certifications. In doing so, A2 Services performs from a building engineering and operator’s perspective. In performing commissioning, A2 Services applies a systematic process that documents that systems are designed, installed and operate in accordance with the owner’s project requirements. The processes A2 Services adheres to yield long-term successes in terms of reduced utility costs, lower maintenance costs, better trained operating personnel, reduced facility turnover issues, and an enhanced environment for tenants of the facility.

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Construction/Project Management

A2 Services provides an array of project/construction management services that include contract administration and construction coordination. Functional tasks include providing on-site project management; facilitating construction meetings; performing quality control inspections; reviewing and approving cost change proposals and monthly payment applications, and participating in the final acceptance/punch list process.

Energy Management

A2 Services provides energy management services to clients including utilities studies and analysis, development and implementation of energy conservation programs, and the installation of energy management equipment and systems.

Facilities Assessments/Planning

A2 Services provides facility assessments/planning services including full facility surveys to identify mechanical, electrical and plumbing site conditions (ASHRAE Level I & II). A2 Services documents all current system deficiencies, and provides an estimate for the associated costs for repair. These findings assist in determining immediate and long-term concerns while allowing the client to address current operational needs plan capital improvement projects.

IT Adoption Strategies

A2 Services provides guidance to firms in the AECOM field on the potential adoption of Information Technology solutions. A2 Services maintains a unique understanding of new technologies, such Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Geospatial Information System (GIS) and how a commercial or governmental entity can leverage these technologies in their daily business practices.

Operations & Maintenance

A2 Services provides operations & maintenance services to clients in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. Services provided include full facilities management, stationary building engineers, preventative maintenance on mechanical equipment including plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems, minor mechanical installations, groundskeeping, custodial and general maintenance tasks.

Related Facilities Services

A2 Services provides clients with additional services related to the management of a facility. Specifically, A2 Services, can provide subcontractor and warehouse management systems including third party procurement services, coordination of furniture, fixture and equipment (FFE) delivery and installation, and inventorying and accountability services for such items.

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