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Washington Monument

Marketing Services

With a broad understanding of marketing in the area of facilities management, construction and engineering services, A2 Services is structured to support clients at each stage of the business development process, from planning through execution. The A2 Services staff has proven experience in entering new markets and growing revenue and profit. A2 Services assists in the following:

  • Development of marketing plans
  • Creation of product and service pricing strategies
  • Development of bid and proposal documents
  • Assembling of RFQ/RFP pipeline processes
  • Research on industry & market forecast analysis
  • Development of competitive assessments
  • Creation of corporate collateral and web tools

A2 Services is uniquely positioned to support clients in their pursuit of the public sector AECOM marketplace. A2 Services understands the sales cycle from the buyer’s and seller’s perspective. A2 Services has the background and knowledge to work through the complex procurement process inherent in public sector sales, and A2 Services knows how to close the deal.

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